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Teenagers - Sexting and Pornography:  What Parents Need to Know   This program is over: THANK YOU FOR COMING!
Sharon Lamb, EdD, PhD, ABPP
November 1, 2018: 10:30 am, Weston Library & 7:00 pm, Wilton Library
Sharon Lamb will take a look at the why and how of youth sexting and pornography and how we as parents may guide our children to healthy and developmentally appropriate activity.
Program is Free.  Registration required. Register HERE
Sponsored by:  Weston Youth Services, Weston Library, Wilton’s Domestic Violence Task Force, Wilton Youth Council, Wilton Youth Services, Wilton Library
Coming Soon:
It's not Your Homework:  Focus on Executive Function
Stacy O'neill, IronHill Educators
Tuesday December 4th 7-8PM @ Weston Town Hall Annex Conference Room, 24 School Rd. Weston.
Helping your child get organized and get things done!
Learn how to: Help your child get started; develop organizational strategies that work; be supportive without taking over!
Sponsored by Weston Youth Services
Registration required. Email: lcleary@westonct.gov  Your email is your registration!
Mindful Parenting:  How to Make It Out in One Piece
Tracey Masella, LCSW
January 15, 2019: 10:00 am, Wilton Library & 7:00 pm, Weston Library
Parenting isn’t what it used to be!  The pressures in our community make mindful parenting a challenge.  This interactive presentation will discuss what it means to be a mindful parent.  The speaker will provide useful information on establishing a family frame, setting reasonable and attainable expectations and goals for your children, managing anxiety (both yours and your children’s), and finding a supportive group of fellow parents in your community.  
Sponsored by:  Weston Youth Services, Weston Library, Silver Hill Hospital, Wilton Youth Council, Wilton Youth Services, Wilton Library
The Pressure to be Perfect and Its Unintended Consequences
Alicia Farrell, Ph.D.
March 20, 2019: 10:00 am, Wilton Library & 7:00 pm, Weston Library
We are raising our children in complicated times where performance is valued over character. In such a competitive world, parents, educators and leaders are unwittingly passing on to their children pressure to be perfect. In turn, our children are feeling inadequate, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, scared and tired. This talk is designed to address how we arrived at this place and what we can do about it. Here are some questions that will be answered:

·      What does it mean to be perfect and what are the consequences of trying?
·      How do we balance embracing our children’s imperfections with the importance of working hard and doing your best?
·      What are the benefits of failure and why is it critically important to our children’s development?
·      What are healthy, age-appropriate expectations and how do we communicate them without shame and fear?
·      How do boys and girls experience and respond to the pressure to achieve differently?
·      What is the relationship between the pressure to be perfect and the nationwide increase of anxiety disorders, addiction, and suicide            in children and adolescence?
It is time for change. Knowledge is key. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn!
Sponsored by: Weston Youth Services, Weston Library, Wilton Youth Council, Wilton Youth Services, Wilton Library
Special Presentation 
The Physiology of Addiction: Effects of Drug-Taking Behavior on the Brain
Ruth Potee, MD
March 7, 2019: 7:00 pm, Wilton Library
Dr. Potee provides an overview of how substances and addictive behaviors impact the brain and how the brain is injured by prolonged exposure to these substances and behaviors. This presentation explores normal risk taking behaviors of the developing brain, as well as the impact of marijuana on the adolescent brain acutely and long term. Dr. Potee will also address the risk and impact of addiction on adolescents with ADHD.
Sponsored by:  Weston Youth Services, SPED*NET Wilton, Wilton Youth Council, Wilton Youth Services, Wilton Library