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Weston Youth Services Presents
Tackling the tough stuff:  A series of conversations to help parents prepare for those conversations


The toughest topics to talk with your kids about are also usually the most important to talk with your kids about!  Just the thought of discussing sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, divorce, and death may fill some parents with angst.  Parents often worry about what to say, when to say it, and how to say it, and their own feelings (and fears) may send stronger messages than their words.  It’s natural to want to shield children from the harsh realities of the world, and feel uneasy discussing the facts (and especially the fatalities) of life.  However children need reliable information from responsible sources, and it’s crucial for families to find some common and comfortable ground to tackle the tough stuff. 
Weston Youth Services is pleased to present a series of conversations to help prepare families for those conversations.  We will address diverse topics of (dread and) interest such as how to initiate conversations with children about sex, drugs, and alcohol; how to talk with children about tragedy (including illness, death, divorce, or violence); how to tailor details for children of different ages; how to navigate media coverage and internet information; and how to manage feelings of unease and awkwardness during difficult discussions.  We’ll also address common and complex topics including managing and minimizing stress, juggling multiple siblings and schedules, dealing with tragedy and trauma, monitoring media use, and - the most challenging of all – raising healthy and happy children while remaining happy and healthy ourselves!Each month we focus on a particular theme and host several interactive sessions co-led by guest speakers to highlight social, psychological, educational, and legal information and issues.  Our website will also feature corresponding resources including articles, book recommendations, and suggested organizations and websites. 
By participating in this series, parents can gain awareness regarding how their own beliefs and behaviors influence children; knowledge about developmental theories, current research, and educational and legal mandates; as well as practical and effective strategies to enhance parent-child communication and relationships.  And most importantly, we hope to give parents the tools and the tenacity to tackle the tough stuff - and maybe even see that it doesn’t have to be so tough after all.